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About us

BALDERAMOS ARTHURS LLP is a full service law firm whose attorneys have distinguished themselves academically and continue to do so professionally. We pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative and practical solutions for our clients and we work tirelessly to vindicate our clients’ rights.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in many areas of the law and have been pioneers in the areas of Fraud and Asset Recovery, Patent and Trademarks, Estates and Succession and Family law in Belize.  Our attorneys are known for their competence in undertaking complex matters including multi-jurisdictional litigation and transactions.

Our attorneys have successfully assisted clients in litigation involving constitutional and public law challenges, fraud cases, banking and debt collection, contract disputes, tort litigation, liquidation and receivership litigation, land disputes, estate matters, divorce and matrimonial property cases, and intellectual law disputes.

We have an experienced and efficient staff and are therefore poised to deliver timely results to our clients.