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Our firm has a diverse litigation practice covering most areas of the law including tort and contract law, contractual disputes, commercial matters, personal injury and fatal accident claims, family disputes, succession matters and real estate disputes. Our attorneys are also among the few in Belize who have succeeded in setting aside freezing orders issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit under the provisions of the Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, and therefore have in depth knowledge of this area of law.

Our attorneys have appeared before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in many cases, and have also appeared before the Caribbean Court of Justice (Belize’s final appellate Court) in cases involving constitutional, administrative, arbitration and employment law.

There has been a notable increase in the number of multi-jurisdictional fraud and asset recovery cases that involve Belizean offshore corporations, Belizean bank accounts, or other assets that have been secreted to Belize. Our attorneys have experience in all facets of fraud and asset recovery, and have successfully represented clients in obtaining Norwich Pharmacal Disclosure Orders and Freezing Orders in aid of local and foreign proceedings. Our attorneys also have experience with receiverships in aid of foreign proceedings, the recognition in Belize of foreign receivership orders, and the enforcement in Belize of foreign judgments. Our key asset in this area of our practice is the depth of our knowledge and our ability to act swiftly and discreetly in obtaining disclosure and the freezing of assets in Belize in aid of local or foreign proceedings.

We have an aggressive debt collection practice. Our attorneys have represented many individuals and leading financial institutions in debt recovery. We pride ourselves on our success in this area and our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that no debt goes unpaid.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of banking and finance, having represented some of the leading financial institutions and their customers (local and international) in contentious and non-contentious banking matters. Our attorneys have also assisted in structuring one of Belize’s largest syndicated loans.

We frequently advise clients on credit and security issues including debt financing, debt restructuring, syndicated loan agreements, remedies in respect of defunct loans and the enforcement of securities. Our attorneys are known for providing sound, solution-oriented advice to our clients regarding all issues related to Banking and Finance.

Our attorneys provide expert advice on all offshore corporations available in Belize and we routinely provide advice on the laws of Belize. We have succeeded in having the Belize Supreme Court order the restoration of several international business companies (IBC) to the register, and we have succeeded in having the voluntary dissolution of an IBC set aside on the ground of fraud. More recently, our attorneys have extended the law in Belize by successfully persuading the Belize Supreme Court that it has the jurisdiction to set aside the voluntary dissolution of an IBC where no fraud is committed, and in the absence of any provision which statutorily empowers the Court to set aside the dissolution.

Our attorneys have appeared in several landmark constitutional and administrative law cases before the Caribbean Court of Justice (Belize’s highest appellate Court). Our attorneys are known for their diligent research and for vigorously defending our clients’ rights, whether the infraction is a violation of constitutional rights or the arbitrary or irrational decision of an administrative body. Our attorneys are also very knowledgeable on the law of compulsory acquisition, having worked on cases challenging the constitutionality of the nationalization of Belize’s largest telephone company and its only electricity company.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in corporate law and have advised clients on myriad issues involving corporate law, from the structuring of their investment to shareholder disputes, protection of minority rights, and the dissolution of the company, whether voluntarily or through the Court. Our attorneys have also been involved in corporate law litigation, including a shareholder dispute that almost destroyed Belize’s citrus industry. Our attorneys are able to deliver timely advice on any corporate law issue, regardless of the complexity or novelty of the issue.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in handling all types of real estate transactions in Belize, including undertaking due diligence on land titles, conveyancing, and assisting with all aspects of land sales and purchases. In addition to assisting clients with their real estate needs in Belize, we also assist with disputes that may arise in the acquisition, development or ownership of land.

Our Attorneys provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property services covering trade marks, patents, industrial designs, and copyright. We act as trademark and patent agents and represent clients in non-contentious and contentious matters. This includes due diligence, registration, renewal, assignment, enforcement, and litigation to protect our clients’ rights. We have successfully argued against objections raised in applications filed for registrations before the Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO), have handled all aspects of opposition proceedings including appeals to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, and have been involved in legal claims involving trademark infringement and passing off. Members of our firm have undergone extensive training in this area of the law and have used that expertise to efficiently and aggressively protect our clients’ rights and interests.

We also assist clients in efficiently fighting the counterfeit trade and work closely with law enforcement and Customs authorities in countering the illegal importation of counterfeit goods. We provide sound legal advice on the registration, protection and enforcement of all aspects of intellectual property in Belize.

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, ethical, and professional legal services in the areas of divorce, custody disputes, paternity claims, alimony and maintenance claims, and adoptions, and try our best to obtain favourable solutions in these matters and in settling disputes where possible.

Our attorneys have garnered years of experience and expertise in divorce and division of matrimonial property matters, in local and international adoptions (including inter-country adoptions under the Hague Convention) and in cases filed under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.

Our firm is a leading provider of legal services in this area and provide competent representation in estate planning, probate, and testamentary and intestate succession. We pay close attention to our clients’ needs and offer sound advice in guiding and assisting our clients in planning their affairs. Whether it be drafting a will, obtaining Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, acting as administrators or trustees, or assisting in the distribution of an estate, we pride ourselves in offering such services on a distinctly personal basis. We have also successfully litigated many contentious estate matters, including issues surrounding the rights of an unborn child born to a deceased father, the proper persons to obtain administration of an estate, challenge to the legality of a Will, revocation of grants, and interest actions.